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Mar 15, 2020

People say that content is king. Well, I say great photos are his queen. Did you know... studies show that adding a photo to words, ads or your website increases click through rates by 42%?
Let’s put it this way— great photos are the gateway to your perfect client, customer or brand partner falling in love with you at first sight.
In today’s episode, my very own lifestyle photographer, Kristen 'K.Marie' Gordon and I clear the air on why taking pictures is more than just pretty outfits and a smile, we discuss whats included in a properly planned photo session, and how to invest smartly and get a return on your investment.
During this show, we also reveal the two key areas you shouldn't "cut corners" when it comes to your photo shoot and much more!
Listen to Episode 18 "How to Plan for a Successful Brand Photo Shoot" here.
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